Aimee Copeland tells how she reclaimed her joy for life

In the four years since the accident, Aimee Copeland has managed to rebuild her life piece by piece by piece.

It hadn’t been easy.

In the beginning, the pain, both physical and emotional had nearly consumed her but with the surgeries and grueling physical therapy sessions behind her, a clarity slowly began to emerge. She hadn’t worried about random possibilities when life seem to be going her way and she wasn’t going to now.

As she first recounted the last years of her life, it was as if she were talking about a bad day at the office.

How she had managed to maintain her optimism, her will to live in the face of such tragedy is anyone’s guess.

The simple answer she simply had no other choice.

Within days of the accident Andy Copeland matched his little girl’s determination. He leaned over his baby girl with a single plea: Fight.

And so that’ what she did.