Why the winter could be the best time for your home renovation project

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Home renovations typically happen in the summer for good reason.

Fewer distractions and sales are a few reasons, while another one is that you can be finished with your project in time for the holidays.

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But what if you want to get started on the project you’ve been putting off all year? Do you really have to wait until the heat ramps up to get it done?

According to House Method, there are several reasons why wintertime is ideal for renovating your home, including advantages of cost, timing and availability.

Contractors schedules aren’t booked

Lindus Construction, a general contracting company in Baldwin, Wisconson, noted hiring a contractor in the colder months could be beneficial.

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With fewer full schedules due to lack of exterior work, you’ll reap the benefits with virtually no wait time for an estimate and project installation. The same can’t be said for the summer months — that’s when contractors are booked with renovations.

Sales galore

Since the wintertime is a slow period, materials may be more inexpensive, according to Angie’s List. Home upgrade resource website Modernize reported that many contractors will offer discounts and specials to entice homeowners to take them up for business, too.

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Take advantage of timing

Usually, people enjoy traveling for the holidays. If you decide to have a getaway, it may be an ideal time to make changes around the house.

“If you’re traveling or have a busy social schedule during the holidays, you may be able to do without a kitchen for a few weeks,” Katherine Jones, director of general contractors at contractor search service Sweeten told House Method.

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