Where Can I Find It: Brillo spray, Make It Like New cleaner, stamp appraiser

Q: Where can I find Brillo spray cleaner? It works great on my stove, but it’s not easy to find. If you can find some for me locally, I’ll stock up because it’s much cheaper than most other cleaners that don’t work nearly as well. Thank you. Bren Johnson, email

A: You can purchase Brillo Basics Oxy Power Cleaner at Big Lots, 3791 S. Cobb Drive, Smyrna, 770-438-8321. The bleach-free cleaner costs $1 for a 22-ounce spray bottle.

Q: A while back, someone who used to work in a small restaurant in Florida told me about a product he uses to clean his stainless steel pans. He said it makes them shine like new. I think the product is called Like New Cleanser. I’ve looked online because it’s not something sold in stores. Unfortunately, I’m not very good on the computer, and I can’t find it. No one I ask has heard of it. Could you help me find this, please? M. Parks, email

A: Made In is an online vendor that sells a variety of stainless-clad cookware along with glassware and other accessories. The company also offers a cleaner simply called Make It Like New stainless steel cleaner. This sounds like the product you’re seeking. Note that you shouldn’t use this cleaner on non-stick coating. Make It Like New is formulated for the outside of stainless-clad pans. Nor should you use it on any carbon steel products. You can order a 12-ounce bottle for $10 through madeincookware.com or by calling 512-957-9956.

Q: I have a stamp collection that was passed on to me by an elderly neighbor in 1959. I added to it a bit. It has both US and international stamps. Where might I get it appraised or possibly sold? Appreciate your help. Mary Jeffrey, Peachtree City

A: Mary, get in touch with Cass Rejent of Swan Classic. He’s the president of the Cobb County Stamp Club and boasts more than 40 years experience as a collector. You can reach him by calling 770-330-0790 or emailing info@swanclassic.com. Swan Classic works with both intermediate and new collectors. The company is a member of the American Stamp Dealers Association, the National Stamp Dealers Association and the American Philatelic Society.

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