Where can I find it: bed repair, stoned wheat crackers

Q: Several horizontal bars on my brass bed are not in the vertical poles. Something must be missing. Also, one of the tops is not permanently attached to the footboard. What can I do? — Carol Heron, Sandy Springs

A: Carol, I spoke with Eric Henderson of Peachtree Polisher, 3665 Clairmont Road, Chamblee, 770-458-3003, who’s been repairing and restoring metal since 1975. He had some ideas about what could be wrong with your brass bed and how he might fix it. Give him a call. He works on all metals, including brass, bronze, copper and steel. His services include polishing sterling flatware, kickplates, door knockers and other ornamental metal objects, along with refinishing and sealing metals.

Q: I read your column often and enjoy the service you provide. I am looking for stoned wheat crackers by Red Oval Farms. I’ve seen them offered online for about $10 a box, which is ridiculous. I would like to know if they are available locally in a grocery store. Thanks in advance for your help. — Dena Roesler, Newnan

Although some Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins are still available, the manufacturer has discontinued the crackers.

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A: Thank you for reading, Dena. I spoke to someone in the Publix Atlanta Division Office, and Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins will be reactivated and brought back into Publix, 370 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan, 770-502-0693. Although there’s some supply left, the manufacturer recently discontinued the crackers. I found several other reasons why products suddenly disappear from grocery shelves. Sometimes it’s sluggish sales, and if vendors are tossing out products because they’re out of date, there’s no point in continuing to stock the items, and it’s time for new ones to occupy that shelf space. At the height of the pandemic, companies concentrated on core items that sold well, and they stopped producing products or specific flavors that didn’t. Some of these are slowly coming back into stores. Supply chain and loss of labor issues also contributed to missing products. For instance, one company could no longer ship to Publix because it couldn’t get the glue used to seal the boxes containing the product. Keep in mind when Publix decides to discontinue an item, the manager can still special order it for a customer.

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