Where can I find it: broken statue repair, wool blanket repair, Terra unsalted sweet potato chips

Q: Selket’s hand is broken off at the wrist and needs to be repaired. The 8-inch tall statue is made of resin with a faux gold patina. I would greatly appreciate your assistance finding a repair shop in and around Atlanta. — Sherry Jackson, Atlanta

A: Sherry, I know where your Egyptian goddess of the dead, Selket, can get a helping hand. Contact Avery Gallery, 390 Roswell St., Marietta, 770-427-2459. This local art restoration company has been in business for nearly 40 years. For almost three decades, it contracted with the city to clean, repair and restore the Atlanta Cyclorama diorama. Avery’s highly trained conservators restore various artworks, including lithographs, engravings, watercolors and mixed media. The gallery also repairs and restores sculptures and gold leaf frames. And the artisans are experts at crafting oversized custom framing. Check out the website at averygallery.com, where you’ll find a restoration inquiry form allowing you to upload images of your sculpture.

Q: I hope you can help me locate a repair service for wool blankets. These are tartan blankets from Scotland, quite thick and ripped, maybe eight inches from the edge. My usual cleaner could not repair them. They don’t need fancy reweaving, just repaired so they can be dry cleaned. Thank you for any assistance. — Ann Barber, email

A: Ann, bring your blankets to A&J Pro Alterations and Embroideries, 480 E. Paces Ferry Road, suite 10, Atlanta, 404-949-0303, and ask for Jessica. Once she sees the item, she can tell you if they can do the work. Services at A&J include alterations, repairs, reweaving and embroidering on various items, including bridal wear, window treatments and bedding. For more information, go to ajalteration.com.

Q: I am trying to find Terra unsalted sweet potato chips. I tried every store I could come up with. Any place in the Atlanta area that sells them? Hope you are up for the challenge! — Kat Sears, email

Terra sweet potato chips are made with non-GMO vegetables and contain no added salt, seasonings, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

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A: Kat, I found Terra sweet potato chips, no salt added, at Publix, 104 Town Blvd., Brookhaven, 404-233-7475. You’ll find 6-ounce bags for $5.49 each.

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