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Q: Pickled peaches have been a Southern staple for many years but seem unavailable in metro Atlanta. Most memorable was the Sunshine brand in the clear glass jar with the yellow lid. There are “spiced” peaches available in some stores, but they’re not what we Southerners have learned to enjoy. I’d appreciate your researching this for those of us yearning for this longtime delicious standby on our tables. Robertine Mitchely, email

A: Margaret Holmes Sunshine spiced pickled peaches have been out of production for several years. These days, you’ll find Hillside Orchard Farms spiced pickled peach halves. Georgia-grown, they get their spicy flavor from sugar, vinegar, cinnamon and whole cloves. You can purchase them at David’s Produce and Country Store, 3561 Lavista Road, Decatur, 404-325-0709, for $11.49 per quart. You also can check out Rick’s Farmers Market, 3760 Roswell Road, Marietta, 770-977-3031, and you’ll find Hillside Orchard Farms spiced pickled peach halves in 32-ounce glass jars for $14.99 each.

Q: I’m trying to find someone who sells the original Tupperware. Thank you. Peggy White, Mableton

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

A: In the ‘40s, Earl Tupper invented his namesake burping plastic containers that held everything from salt and pepper to popsicles. By the early ‘50s, the Tupperware party was born, which was the only way to purchase the containers for many years. Eventually, online sales came about, but, with few exceptions, you couldn’t find Tupperware in retail stores. All that changed last October when Tupperware and Target announced their partnership to make the products available in all Target stores. You can find individual Tupperware pieces and bundles.

Q: Around the holidays, I bought a bottle of Smart Juice Antioxidant Force organic fruit juice. I don’t remember where. I checked with Whole Foods and Sprouts, but they don’t stock it. I’d love to find this again. Thanks. P. Garza, email

A: Smart Juice Antioxidant Force organic fruit juice is available at Lidl, 2480 Mount Vernon Road, Dunwoody, 844-747-5435. A 33.8-ounce bottle sells for $4.25.

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