Want to get healthy? This 8-week course will teach you how

7 Healthy Foods, You Should Avoid When Sick. It may seem counter-intuitive, , but these 7 healthy foods could hinder your recovery. 1. Spinach, If you have a cold or fever, the histamine levels could trigger an inflammatory response. 2. Broccoli, If your stomach is upset, the high fiber content of broccoli could be hard to digest. 3. Cheese, Aged cheeses could make your headache worse due to the high histamine levels. 4. Fermented foods, Foods like sauerkraut or kimchi can constrict blood vessels in your brain, causing headaches. 5. Citrus, Although vitamin C is good for you, the acidity in citrus can irritate a sore throat. 6. Dairy, The lactose in dairy can be difficult to break down when you have gastrointestinal distress. 7. Beans, The unique sugars in beans can worsen any digestive issues

If you’re looking to improve your diet but aren’t sure where to begin, the University of Georgia Extension is hosting a virtual library program that can help you get started.

Beginning Jan. 9, participants can join eight sessions of virtual classes. The free courses will take place every Saturday through March 13, where guests can learn various aspects of how to consume healthy food inexpensively.

Those interested in Food Talk, an Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) can register on the DeKalb County Public Library website and join as many or as few classes as they like.

Once registered, participants can join each Saturday at 10 a.m. using the link provided by organizers.

Among the topics that will be covered are saving on buying food and learning about nutrition.

See below for a full list of sessions.

  • Session 1 - Jan. 9 - Your Food, Your Choice
  • Session 2 - Jan. 23 - Keep Your Pressure in Check
  • Session 3 - Jan. 30 - Save with Smart Shopping
  • Session 4 - Feb. 6 - Color Me Healthy
  • Session 5 - Feb. 20 - Eat Well on the Go
  • Session 6 - Feb. 27 - Become a Nutrition Detective
  • Session 7 - March 6 - Keep Yourself Well
  • Session 8 - March 13 - Keep Your Health Out of Jeopardy

Federally funded and handled through the Cooperative Extension Service in every state and U.S. territory, EFNEP has spent more than 50 years educating families on nutrition. It helps families with children to learn how to eat healthier meals and snacks, extend how far they can stretch their food budget and decrease the chance of food-borne illness, according to the UGA Extention DeKalb County website.

Georgia’s Food Talk program is a free nutrition class that educates adults on how to eat more healthfully, feed their family on a budget and practice food safety.

Food Talk - Eat better for less!

10 a.m.

Saturdays Jan. 9 - March 13


Free - register here