Travel + Leisure names this the best hike to do in Georgia

Camping, road trips and getting outdoors are being heralded as the answer to a summer during which people are feeling hesitant about air travel.

Travel + Leisure recently said the Benton MacKaye Trail is Georgia's best hiking trail. Do you agree?

Nature has been a saving grace for a lot of people recently. Hiking and going off the grid for a bit are activities perfectly suited for the era of social distancing.

However, with more people looking to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature as a means of escaping the reality of the global pandemic, a lot of trails have seen an increased amount of foot traffic. If you’re looking to add a new trail to your list or perhaps just begin hiking, Travel + Leisure magazine recently ranked the best hiking trails in each state.

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“Hiking through the wilderness is not only a perfect way to see a new place or your home state, it’s great for your mental and physical health,” the article reads. “Each one of our 50 states has remarkable state and national parks which put the country’s natural splendor on full display.”

Here in Georgia, the Benton MacKaye Trail earned the top mark.

“Georgia is prime Appalachian Trail territory. The Benton MacKaye Trail runs for 300 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smokies. Benton MacKaye Trail, which starts at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail on Springer Mountain, is known for scenic waterways, mountain overlooks, and a gut-wrenching suspension bridge that crosses over the Toccoa River,” according to the magazine.

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More than 80 miles of the trail is in Georgia, and it passes through Tennessee and North Carolina. According to the Benton MacKaye Trail Association website, the trail is known for its remoteness, a place where “the hiker finds true peace and solitude.”

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