TikTok trend has adults buying Barbie dolls for emotional support

‘Barbie has empowered women but also made women feel very bad about themselves’

Meet the main cast of 'Barbie'.The Narrator- Helen Mirren.Barbie- Margot Robbie.Ken- Ryan Gosling.President Barbie- Issa Rae.Weird Barbie- Kate McKinnon.Ken #2- Simu Liu.Toy Company CEO- Will Ferrell

As if “Barbie” wasn’t making enough money this summer in theaters, the hit film has inspired some adults to purchase the iconic plastic doll — but not to play with.

Most adults buying Barbies are either collectors or shopping for kids, but thanks to Greta Gerwig’s hit film — and the power of TikTok trends — the Barbie dolls are being used for emotional support.

“We have quite a bit of research that shows the benefits of play for children. But increasingly, we have scientific evidence that play is beneficial for adults as well, especially in the mental health realm,” explained Kristi Flora, a professor of psychology at Franklin College, to CNN.

The “Barbie” movie has brought in over a billion dollars since its release in July. According to Business Insider, Shopify has seen a 56% increase in sales of Barbie dolls as a result of the film.