This is the most desired job in Georgia, new ranking says

The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs of 2020

Those seeking to switch careers may want to take a look at a new ranking of which jobs are a hot commodity across the nation.

Personal finance resource website GoBankingRates has analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine which professions are the most in-demand in each state.

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The review coupled the projected growth rate of positions in a state with the average yearly wage for the job. In doing so, the analysis drilled down to the single job in each state that’s growing the quickest and paying the biggest bucks.

The resulting ranking involves positions where there are not only many new openings but those where employers are investing more funds into obtaining the best people to fill the roles.

“If the demand doesn’t exist for your particular skill set, it’s unlikely that employers will offer as much in salary or benefits — especially when they need those resources to attract top candidates in other fields where they’re scrambling to fill openings,” GoBankingRates said. “And that’s something you definitely need to keep in mind when considering a profession.”

The position that’s the most in-demand in Georgia pulls an annual salary of $103,190.

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That job is a physician assistant.

GoBankingRates reported there were 118,800 jobs in 2018 and the projected job growth from 2006 to 2026 is 42.9%.

Although working as a PA requires a master’s degree as a typical entry-level education, it also doesn’t require work experience in a related field or on-the-job training, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS also reported that the job outlook through 2029 is much faster than average at 31%.

Tufts University School of Medicine describes PAs as “integral members of the health care team in many hospitals and clinical practices,” adding that those in the position practice medicine under the guidance of a licensed physician. PAs typically provide diagnostic and curative care to patients in a wide range of medical specialties and environments, including clinical practice, team leadership and research. They record patient histories, perform physical exams and order lab tests and diagnostic tests.

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