This is Georgia’s best city to live in, new ranking says

Where’s the best place to live in Georgia? A new list from 24/7 Wall Street weighs in on that very question.

For its annual list, the website ranked the best place to live in each state. The analysis is based on 25 metrics in four main categories: economy, affordability, quality of life and community, according to the site.

“More than one-quarter of the 31.4 million Americans who moved last year did so for just a handful of reasons — the desire to live in an area with lower crime, a shorter commute, more affordable housing, or a better job market. These and other factors can make a big difference in overall quality of life,” the website notes.

While income was not a factor that was specifically considered, a lot of the cities on the list were relatively wealthy communities, the website notes.

“This is likely not a coincidence, however, as income is closely tied to several other measures used to create this list, including low crime and low unemployment,” the website notes.

After crunching the numbers, the website found that Milton is the best Georgia city to live in.

Here’s why, according to 24/7 Wall Street: “Incorporated in 2006, Milton, Georgia, is a young and rapidly growing planned community. Home to over 38,000 people, Milton’s population has boomed by 13.0% in the last five years. Within commuting distance of Atlanta, Milton residents have access to jobs in the largest city in the state. Partially as a result, Milton has had an average unemployment rate of only 3.2% over the past five years, one of the lowest jobless rates in the state and well below the 5.9% national average during that time.”

You can dive into the full methodology here.