The wrong air conditioner could leave buyers cold on your house

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Will Our Air Conditioners Kill Us? The hotter the earth gets, the more societies depend upon air conditioning. But AC dependance means more dependence on fossil fuels. Vast scientific consensus warns that fossil fuel dependence is harmful to an environment conducive to human life. A new study estimates that by 2050, increased AC usage will cause approximately 1,000 additional deaths. Per the study, this could amount to a $9 billion annual drain on the economy. The estimate is based on models th

Don’t let outdated AC devalue your home

Improving your home’s value is, unfortunately, not as easy as simply having the newest appliances. If you want to have the highest value house, you need to have the best. When it comes to air conditioners, newer is not always better and identifying a well-functioning AC is about more than if it turns on and off.

According to Homes and Gardens, here are the three things to watch out for when it comes to the unit that keeps you cool:

AC too small for the space

Just because your AC works does not mean that your unit is perfect for your home. A small air conditioner may not be up to the task of cooling your home effectively, leading to higher than necessary energy bills and a less comfortable living space.

“In many older homes, there are no ‘high returns’ on the second floor and on any higher levels,” RE/MAX realtor agent Michael Carnahan told Homes and Gardens. “Because of this, the system has no way to remove hot air from the upper level(s), making it difficult, if not impossible, to cool these areas down. If a system that is too small, or if a system that lacks the returns discussed, the result is usually a buyer who becomes less interested or who feels as though the home is overpriced.”

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AC system is too old

Old AC units are not necessarily bad, but older units are more likely to become inefficient from years of use or improper maintenance.

“AC systems (according to most home inspectors I’ve worked with) have a life expectancy of approximately 20 years,” Carnahan said. “If a home has a system that is approaching, at, or beyond this life expectancy, then it is probably time to consider replacing the system.”

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AC system is working too hard

If an AC system is working too hard or not at all, potential home buyers may not even be aware when they have the property inspected. It is difficult to test air conditioning units when the weather lowers under a certain temperature. Keep the weather in mind if you are concerned with the AC unit in a home for sale.

A new AC unit can cost thousands, and many homebuyers will request that a unit be repaired or replaced if they feel something may be wrong with the system, Carnahan said.