Taye Diggs gushes about girlfriend Apryl Jones

Diggs says his psychic helped seal the deal on this relationship

5 facts about Taye Diggs .He started on Broadway.He's the oldest of 5.He's written a children's book.He got his degree in musical theater from Syracuse University.He has a son with Actress Idina Menzel

Actor Taye Diggs and “Love and Hip Hop” reality star Apryl Jones first went public with their relationship in 2022. Now the pair have let fans in on more details of their relationship in an appearance on the Unconsciously Coupled podcast.

The “All American” actor admitted that he initiated contact by “creeping in her DMs.”

“When I was single I was one of those people that would just scroll through like, ‘Oh my God look at … I could never…” Diggs said. “It was just like, ‘These people are out there? Who are these people?’ It was like a love-hate thing because I hated them because they looked so perfect. You can’t be real. But then it was just something to look at.”

One day, Diggs was scrolling and saw a video of Jones lip syncing to a soundtrack about motherhood. Not only did he relate to the post, but he thought Jones was funny.

“I literally just said, ‘You’re hilarious.’ Didn’t think she’d give a response because I thought she was way out of my league,” he said.

Jones told Unconsciously Coupled how surprised she was to open her DMs and discover a message from Diggs.

“I looked at my DM and I was like, Taye Diggs? What the...? In my mind I was like, I could never get him. That’s what I was thinking. So then I saw [his message] and I said, ‘He’s mine now.’”

Diggs and Jones often share intimate moments on social media, where the two seem to have found their comedic soulmates. Jones’ 8-year-old son Megaa, whom she’s raising with father Omarion, often appears in the videos.

Diggs also revealed that a text from his psychic confirmed what he already suspected — that Jones was the girl for him.

“I get a text from my psychic and literally it’s just a single line that says, ‘She’s the one.’”