Taco Bell announces the permanent return of its Mexican Pizza

The hugely popular item is set to return this fall

Fast food giant Taco Bell has announced it is bringing back a fan favorite menu item, the Mexican Pizza, after a three month absence. The chain plans to have the item back on their menu by September 15.

“Taco Bell worked diligently to resolve depleted ingredients and supply chain challenges that originally caused longer gaps in the product’s availability,” Taco Bell said in a statement announcing Mexican Pizza’s return.

Mexican Pizza first came to the menu in 1985, under the name “Pizzazz Pizza.” It stayed there until November 2020, when supply chain issues caused it to be taken off the menu for about two years. When the item relaunched in May, the demand was too much and Taco Bell ran out of ingredients for Mexican Pizza in about two weeks. Now, the chain says, the Mexican Pizza will be back and will be here to stay.

“While limited time offerings are core to Taco Bell’s ability to churn out menu innovation, that wasn’t the plan for the Mexican Pizza,” Taco Bell said. “Upon its menu return, demand for the Mexican Pizza was seven times higher than when previously available.”

The ”pizza” includes a flat crispy tortilla topped with pizza sauce and ground beef or beans. It’s then topped with another tortilla covered in cheese, chopped tomatoes, and more tomato sauce. Mexican Pizza cost $4.49 during its return in May, and there has been no report of a change in price.

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