Sunscreen options for darker skin tones

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Temperatures are rising and more days of bright sunshine are headed our way, which means finding the right sunscreen is essential. But for individuals with darker skin tones, searching for the perfect sunscreen with the right protections and essential vitamins — all while trying to avoid a white chalky look — can be a little more difficult.

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Of the 58 tinted sunscreens offered by popular beauty brand Sephora, for example, nearly two thirds — 62% of them — are only offered in one shade.

So, what type of sunscreen should you look for if you have darker skin? Dermatologists have weighed in on what to look for in order to achieve the best protection.

Many people with darker skin tones struggle with hyperpigmentation — a condition where an area of the skin become darker than the skin that surrounds it. Increased time in the sun causes further darkening of skin.

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Tinted sunscreens contain iron oxide which helps block visible light and UV rays. Both types of light can increase pigmentation issues, so it’s important for skin care brands to up their game on the ingredients they put in their products.

Here are a few brands that offer the best tinted sunscreens for darker skin:

While the beauty industry slowly gets up to date on what’s needed for all skin types, the good news is that there are several brands that can help make protecting your skin from the sun a lot easier.