Starbucks introduces astrology-based drink suggestions

Trust the stars to pick pick your perfect drink

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Starbucks keeps its menu fun, from frappaccinos to its viral unicorn drink. Now they’re using customers’ zodiac signs to help select the perfect cup.

Starbucks teamed up with Sanctuary, a popular app that gives horoscopes and tarot readings, and together they’ve curated the perfect selection that, according to their reading chart, will satisfy your caffeinated cravings.

The new collaboration celebrates the astrological new year, which began on March 20. On their interactive website, Starbucks Star Signs, you can get matched with the perfect drink order based on your zodiac sign and the time of day you want your coffee.

“Your Spring is charted in the stars,” said Starbucks in an Instagram post.

“Spring is a moment for new beginnings; there’s no better time than the spring equinox to let the stars decide how to refresh your rituals this spring,” a Starbucks representative told TODAY.

Lauren Ash, an astrologer for Sanctuary, helped create the Star Sign Charts and worked alongside Starbucks for the pairings to determine what astrological sign and drink order worked best.

“When developing the star sign and drink pairings, we looked at the core personality traits of each sign to identify a beverage that acts as an expression of your planetary ruler,” explained Ash.