See legally blind toddler’s joy first time she sees her mom

TikTok dethrones Google as 2021’s most popular domain.

Bring on the tears — a video of a toddler’s reaction to seeing her mom’s face clearly for the first time has gone viral on TikTok.

The video posted on the family’s TikTok account at the end of November now has nearly 16 million views and over 32,000 comments.

In the video captioned “best moment ever,” @elderberrysultan explains that little Riley was legally blind before receiving her first pair of glasses two years ago, changing her world as she knew it.

“We noticed around two years old that she called everyone ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ because she couldn’t recognize faces,” the video explains.

Riley twirls around in awe the moment her glasses are placed on her face, smiling as she sees her mother’s face for the first time.

Thousands of TikTokers commented on the video, one saying, “The way she just keeps spinning and looking at everything 🥺 we really do take things for granted sometimes.”

“How overwhelmingly magical for her — parenting done right! She’s so precious the best,” one user wrote.

“Now I’m sitting in my room, crying for a family I don’t even know,” exclaimed another user.