Ranking: The best Georgia city to live on $100,000 a year

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Best Places to Live in Georgia HomeSnacks, a company providing bite-sized living information, has unveiled a list of the best places to live in Georgia. Overwhelmingly, North Fulton is the place to be. The top three best places to live in the Peach State are... Sandy Springs Johns Creek Alpharetta

A six-figure salary can allow you to live in some pretty nice areas around the nation, according to a recent ranking by Go Banking Rates.

The personal finance resource website published a set of U.S. cities that it considers the best to live on a $100,000 yearly income. Plus, you don’t have to compromise too much of your salary to dwell there.

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“There are plenty of cities where you can afford to live comfortably, or even be ‘rich,’ for less than $100,000,” the website said. “Which location draws your interest could depend on a number of factors, ranging from those that are up-and-coming cities to those that are the best cities to raise a family. Overall, the best cities to live in generally have high livability scores and affordable costs so that you can take home more of your salary.”

Go Banking Rates analyzed data from a variety of sources. One was AreaVibes, which offers a livability score that takes into account seven factors including amenities, cost of living, employment and crime. Others were Sperling’s Best Places, which analyzes data about people and places, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This data was used to complete the list of the best places to live in each state when you’ve just entered the six-figure threshold.

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In Georgia, the city where most of your income will stretch is Peachtree City.

With an 88 livability score, this spot is also a comfy place to be, with a 7.5 climate comfort index, according to Best Places.

Since the total annual necessities cost is $48,890, the median income of $96,577 can stretch beyond your immediate needs. So there’s room left over to splurge on dining out or taking a trip when the time is right.

Best Places also noted that education, housing and entertainment are top-notch, the latter of which is a good thing considering it got an A+ on the Area Vibes amenities score. However, Peachtree City has a high cost of living and traffic and commutes aren’t ideal.

Still, it has a crime rate that’s 50% lower than the rest of the state and a 4% unemployment rate — 16% lower than the national average.