Welcome to Cipresso Castle, the most unique rental in DeKalb County

From the replica Chinese Terracotta warrior statues to the 1959 JAGUAR MK IX available for photoshoots, Cipresso Castle is a Tudor-style Atlanta mansion with a lot of character. It is also available for short-term rental, making it out of Dekalb County’s most fascinating offerings.

The four-acre property features a 6,000-square-foot mansion filled with over-the-top decadence manifested by heart-shaped beds, gold furniture and near countless decorative conversation pieces. The Decatur estate is fenced in, faces a lake and is advertised as a wonderful spot for everything from film production to wedding engagements.

“A magnificent, British Tudor style mansion in Atlanta, situated on 4-acres of lush greenery, facing a lake,” according to the mansion website. “The property boasts 6000 sf of interior space on a ground level. It is fenced and gated for extra privacy. The exterior monumental stair is embroidered with life size sculptures- certified replica of the ancient Chinese Terracotta Warriers (sic).”

Bookings for the estate come in a variety of options, including a brief two-hour visit for $450. According to the mansion’s Airbnb page, a two-day weekend stay at the Decatur estate in early September of this year currently runs around $1,600 for two people. The home does, however, come with some ground rules.

A maximum of 30 people are allowed on the property for functions, with a maximum of 10 people staying overnight. Ticketed events and parties are not allowed. For a stay of longer than a single night, interested vacationers will need pre-approval prior to booking.

“Cipresso Castle would be great to utilize as a vacation/ or health retreat, wedding, engagement, baby shower, video or music shoot, filming production or the perfect getaway,” according to the mansion website. “Luxury and opulence awaits for your next adventure.”

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