Interested in maximalist design? Here’s how to get started

3 ways to incorporate maximalist design.Blend textures and colors.Get comfy.Use furniture to your advantage

When you think of maximalism, you may believe it means having lots of things. It turns out that’s not exactly true.

“Maximalism is the art of more-is-more; layered patterning, highly saturated colors, ample accessories and art (likely hung “salon-style”), and a real sense of playfulness and bold gestures,” Keren Richter, interior designer at White Arrow, told Vogue.

According to The Spruce, the design style was a reaction to minimalism.

“Minimalism is all about getting rid of excess items and using only the things you need,” it said. “Maximalism is more about design and features colors, shapes, tones, and textures to create an over-the-top space.”

If you’re wondering how to incorporate the style into your home, here are a few ways to do it.

Blend textures and colors

You don’t have to adhere to rules with maximalism.

“It’s truly a mix of fabrics, different patterns, lots of textures, [a] variety of materials and unlikely color combinations, and furniture styles,” interior designer Jessica McCarthy told MyDomaine.

Use furniture to your advantage

Since maximalism blends a variety of styles, you don’t have to pick and choose the furniture you incorporate.

“Add furniture in different patterns and colors — each layer should share the story of your home or the people who occupy the space,” Nicole Alexander, principal interior designer at Siren Betty Design, told the Spruce. That can also include mixing rugs, wallpaper and photos when decorating.

Get comfy

With minimalism, coziness isn’t easily achieved. In the maximalist style, however, you can combine the “most comfortable decor with our favorite colors and accessories,” MyMove said.