As fall quickly approaches, so comes another opportunity for homeowners to change up their living spaces. One spot that many novice interior designers may not immediately consider for their projects is the bathroom. But it’s a room with more potential than some might think.

Here are the top things to know about renovating your bathroom, according to Atlanta top interior designers.

When is the right time to renovate?

Courtesy of K Kong Designs

Credit: Mali Azima

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Credit: Mali Azima

For many homeowners, the toughest part of a renovation project is choosing when to pull the trigger. According to K Kong Designs, it’s all about saving to improve your home’s value.

The right time to overhaul or redesign a bathroom is when you have set aside a budget that will allow you to make impactful and updated changes that are timeless and add to your home’s value,” the firm said. “Renovated bathrooms are investments in your property but also heavily affect quality of life. We recommend loving the spaces you live in and renovating to your taste and style to enjoy the present.”

Fellow Atlanta firm Amy Morris Interiors noted that the bathroom renovation budget doesn’t have to break the bank.

“Because the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, it doesn’t have to be a huge project or massive expense to take on,” the firm said. “If it starts to look outdated, or of course run down and dingy, that’s a good time to redesign! Bathroom hardware can look outdated if it is trendy, as can wallpaper and tile. Selecting classic hardware, colors and patterns can prevent a bathroom from looking outdated.”

Nandina Home & Design, however, warns that supply chain issues are bogging down home projects right now, making a bathroom renovation a potentially lengthy affair.

“Based on the pressures that we are all experiencing with supply chain and labor shortages you can never get started early enough for a renovation project,” the firm said. “The better prepared you are on the front end of the project, the faster the process will move once you begin the actual work. A simple bathroom remodel where you are not gutting and starting over could take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks once your contractor starts the project. For a full master bathroom renovation with all new tile, solid surfaces, plumbing fixtures etcetera, you could be looking at a 6 month or longer timeframe.”

What makes a bathroom pop?

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Once you have decided when to start your project, the next concern is how to make the most of the living space. It’s something Leah Atkins Design said comes down to boldness.

“A well-designed bathroom should always feel welcoming,” the firm said. “If it’s a powder room, it’s the perfect place to play with some bold design choices. Most people want their master bath to feel like a spa, but sometimes it’s fun to play around in here as well. Either a gorgeous bathtub or an oversized shower (or both) will give any bathroom a ‘wow’ factor.”

Nandina Home & Design said the flooring is a great place to start.

“A wow factor in a bathroom can come from several different elements” the firm said. “The selection of surfaces is always a great starting point. From tile to solid surfaces like marble, porcelain, or quartz the combinations and applications are almost unlimited. Next on the impact list would be lighting. Light fixtures today are like the jewelry in the room and chosen correctly and creatively can make the solid surface selections sparkle. Never overlook the selection of a unique tub or vanity — because they are often the furniture of a bathroom.”

Kandrac & Kole Interior Design said you should never underestimate the effect that proper lighting can have on a bathroom.

“I think what most people forget about is accent lighting,” the firm said. “They focus a lot on the floor and shower tile and cabinetry and fail to remember that lighting can make or break the design of a room. Most people fear going ‘big’ which is why it’s important to get inspiration from spaces that show large lighting and how it works in a space.”

While improving your home’s resale value is prudent, CG Interiors advises to not forget about the personal joy a quality renovation can bring into your life.

“I love when opening a door unveils a surprise and guest bathrooms and powder rooms present that perfect opportunity — a chance for departure from the rest of the house, a chance to go a little bolder, with accents that are unexpected,” the firm said. “When you think about it, even the smallest of bathrooms encompasses a myriad of decisions, like flooring, wallcovering, mirrors, lighting, artwork, fixtures, accessories … and that’s not to mention the vanity, with all of its assorted pulls and knobs, a sink, the toilet. One or two killer accents, like wallpaper and a mirror, can take a tiny room over the top.”

What are 2022′s top bathroom design trends?

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Credit: Shelly Marshall Schmidt

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Credit: Shelly Marshall Schmidt

While staying on trends is certainly no requirement for a quality renovation, it can be a great starting point for those looking for inspiration. And 2022 is full of dazzling trends to inspire your next project.

For starters, think about the metals you are bringing into the space.

“Brass and gold hardware is a trend that I think will be sticking around for a while,” Leah Atkins Design said. “Black is also great, but silver is out.”

From Earthy tones to cutting edge showerheads, K Kong Designs said that there are many other things to focus on in the bathroom.

Top design trends we are seeing in bathroom design include free standing tubs, high-tech showerheads, plumbing as art, warm earthy tones, lots of natural light, thick natural materials for countertops, and mat black and burnished brass in lighting options,” the firm said.

Morse Design said now is the time to go green.

“Bringing the outside in by using the color green is a great way to incorporate the summer feeling,” the firm said. “Green is a huge color for the season. All shades. Paint your vanity a shade of green, use either wallpaper or paint, paint just the trim green and keep the walls white. These are all great ways to keep that fresh summer feeling going.”

Amy Morris Interiors added that wallpapers are great for those not interesting in painting.

“Wallpaper seems to be all the rage right now, but because I prefer a more timeless look, I use caution when selecting anything too loud or over the top,” the firm said. “That can grow old very fast. Typically, I do wallpaper in a Powder Room or Secondary Bathroom, not the Master. Tile patterns can also be a trendy way to update a bathroom.”

What are some inexpensive ways to decorate the bathroom?

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Credit: Deborah Whitalw Llewellyn

Many people are looking for ways to manifest their design dreams without breaking the bank.

“There are so many simple ways to spruce up a bathroom!” Leah Atkins Design said. “Change the grout color, paint the cabinets, change the mirrors and/or lights, paint the walls, add wallpaper, and of course add some rugs and accessories! I personally love hanging eucalyptus from the shower head to instantly make it feel more spa like.”

Kandrac & Kole Interior Design said the vanity is another top spot for inexpensive renovations.

“Update a basic vanity with something ready made,” the firm said. “Many of them look like furniture pieces with feet rather than coming to the floor, new faucets, mirrors and overhead lighting. You can also add removable wallpaper or a fun paint color for an instant wow!”

One update that many homeowners may not consider is changing out the mirrors.

“Switch out lights and cabinet hardware,” Morse Design said. “That’s easy and quick. Repainting cabinets is another way to spruce up the space. Also consider changing the mirrors from rectangular to round. It’s more unexpected and can make a pop.”