‘Let’s put a disco ball in the laundry room and make it a party’

Deep down in Buckhead lies a 15,000-square-foot, eight bedroom, 11 bathroom megahome dressed to the nines in dazzling colors and custom-made lighting. It’s one of Atlanta design firm Tish Mills Interiors’ greatest works, and it’s all because of bold colors.

“As a designer I look at each project as channeling that person, their personality, interest and how they live,” Tish Mills told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “For this particular project, the color palette and boldness is a great presentation of the client and how fashion forward she is in everything that she does. Even though this was completed before the pandemic, if we fast forward to today’s times, I do believe that bold, fun interiors are what we are seeing in project requests. This tracks with history, if you think about the pandemic of 1918, the roaring ‘20s were right behind. We’re in that right now in the design industry. People have been at home. They are ready to express themselves, have fun and take a chance. Hence, color is coming in really strong.”

Credit: Chris Little

Credit: Chris Little

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To further channel the homeowners’ personalities, Mills went for a ‘70s sense of fashion.

“The project turned out exactly how we imagined,” she said. “I especially love the dining room, study and the master bath. The master bath was gutted and reconfigured to make better use of the space from the original design. The study is a bit Gucci and ‘70s, which is a great match for her style and personality. And the dining room is a place where you can easily hang out for long family dinners.”

One of the most stunning sights in the home is the chandelier — a custom piece made for the design project.

“I custom made the chandelier,” Mills said. “I wanted the orange feel of the stones, mixed with the glamor of the acrylic and silver cups holding the lights.”

While making the most out of every square foot of the home is a tough job, there was still time for a little fun, which ultimately led to one of the home’s most interesting additions.

“We jokingly said in a meeting, ‘Let’s put a disco ball in the laundry room and make it a party,’” she said. “Well, the words were hardly out before we were searching for the disco ball to install. It has been quite the conversation piece.”

Credit: Chris Little

Credit: Chris Little

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For any amateur designers out there wanting to bring a new look to their own homes, Mills said the key to a great design is to stay true to yourself, boldly.

“Go with what you love,” she said. “Be true to who you are in design. But then, push just a little outside the comfort zone. Like the old adage, that’s when the magic starts to happen. I truly don’t believe in design rules at this point. If you love it, it is your house, so do it.”

As many Georgia homeowners return to their tabled renovation projects in favor of entering the sky-high housing market, Mills said renovating your home is about good planning and a calm mind.

“Take a breath,” she said. “Everyone is in the same boat. Prices and lead times are at an all time high. So, plan early, put 20-30% of budget aside for the unforeseen. It always happens in a renovation, so don’t beat yourself up when the unforeseen happens and adds to the costs. You never know what’s behind the walls until you open them. And, remember to have some fun along the way. It is a privilege to renovate and imagine your own space. So, don’t get so caught up in the weeks that you forget the beautiful day coming.”