Hidden pantries, secret slides, laundry jets, a sci-fi paradise: You’ve never seen interior design like this

The coolest interior designs on the internet

When sprucing up the home, most renovators focus on resale value. Professional designers will focus on personality and style. The designers of these unique homes, on the other hand, had good, old-fashion fun in mind.

Open House is an account that shows off cool homes and spaces from Zillow Gone Wild, Zillow’s brand of extravagant and unique real estate. Topping the list of their offerings, Open House recently featured a number of multi-million dollar megahomes with crafty features, ranging from a hidden pantry to a secret slide.

These designs may not add much to a home’s resale value, but they certainly bring the fun factor sky high.

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, there is a $2.5 million mansion with a hidden pantry — as seen in the video above. Camouflaged as a kitchen wall with cabinet doors, the entrance opens with a light push. The entrance gives way to a walk-in pantry, featuring a stove, counter space and several wracks worth of storage space.

It’s a marvel that has garnered nearly 50,000 likes in just two days.

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While Open House was stingy with the details on this second home, the fact remains. It’s a home with a quite incredible invention — the laundry jet.

Scattered throughout the house, there are a number of nearly chest high receptacles. With a little suction, the open holes gobble up any articles of dirty laundry tossed its way.

The home owners make it look effortless.

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For all of the gamers that want a special space to do what they love, content creator BANKII has crafted the ultimate sci-fi getaway room. Spotless white and backlit with RGB arrays, the room resembles the cockpit of a futuristic spaceship. At its helm is a trio of monitors, a gaming chair and a gaming command console.

For homeowners looking for a more classic sort of fun, Spoiled Rotten Homes is a contractor of “luxury play houses and unique home design.” For this home, the company crafted a slide right in the kitchen. Hidden snuggly under the tabletop island behind a swinging door disguised as cabinet space, the slide takes the owner down to the bottom floor.