Get off the grid with this $16.5 million private island

Nearly all single-family home listings at an asking price of $16.5 million are expected to come with a heightened standard for luxury. That being said, few high-dollar listings offer privacy on the same scale as this private Florida island. Located on a spec of land just over an acre in size and surrounded by the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, the estate is off the grid in a big way.

Just east of the Bahamas, this Florida Keys home is 2,304 square feet. Featuring three luxuriously decorated bedrooms and two bathrooms, the 1980-built, vacation-worthy estate offers a small piece of paradise for any water sports lovers. They will, however, need to open their wallets wide.

“Own a piece of paradise in the Florida Keys close enough to all the inland fun, yet so far,” the home’s listing states. “Just a quarter mile off shore in Marathon, a quick boat ride over pristine turquoise waters brings you to your ideal living oasis on self sustaining East Sister Rock. Best in class coral reef snorkeling, fishing, diving, windsurfing and watersports abound steps outside your doors.”

The estate features a detached guest house, though guests may find the commute to the private island a little challenging. To remedy that, the island comes equipped with its own helipad. For those looking to hunker down on the private island, the estate also has a wind and solar-powered “100% off-grid battery backup system” that comes with its own backup generator, desalinization plant and water cistern.

The unobstructed panorama views of the dazzling sunrises and romantic sunsets make this luxury listing a one-of-a-kind in its own right. Water surrounding the home on all sides, however, makes a marvel on another scale.

Listing by Wesley Williford and Frank Taylor Real Estate

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