Nothing says classic, chic or timeless like a little black dress. And increasingly, designers are incorporating the same timeless style into the design of our homes.

In recent years, the lighter neutrals like white and gray popularized by the urban farmhouse style have been popular, but bolder trends have been knocking on the door, literally. According to a recent Fixr study, 56% of experts expect black to be a popular door color in 2022.

While the “goes with everything” magic of black might make it seem like an easy color to design in, black actually requires consideration and restraint, according to Sarah Cooper, studio manager for Ashton Woods Homes.

“The key to incorporating black without it feeling dark is to use it sparingly. If heavy-handed, the use of such drama can be overbearing and make a space feel closed and uninviting. Black can naturally ‘suck’ or darken a lot of light out of a room,” Cooper said.

But a warm-toned, natural-looking black can add a sophisticated, contemporary feel to plumbing, kitchen accents and more.

“What makes black so interesting is that it is bold. It is a color that commands attention, cannot be ignored and adds a sense of instant drama into a space,” Cooper added.

So, when utilizing black and dark colors as focal points, be sure to look at the space holistically.

This means asking questions like, “what features do we want to highlight or minimize?” or “how much natural light is available?”

For homeowners looking to incorporate more black or dark tones into your space, try using natural black tones as an accent color, to draw people’s eyes to focal points around the room; from dark door handles on a light door to black plumbing fixtures against lighter tile, black can be used to lend a sophisticated finish to a well-balanced space.


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