Put your warm blankets and cozy comforts away because spring is on the horizon, bringing with it plenty of fresh inspiration for home decor.

Whether you want to go all out, or just make a few minor adjustments, the style consulting experts at SINGULART have you covered: from groovy vibes to figurative art and design, these five interior trends will instantly spring forward any space in your home.

Lines that curve

Boxy elements and minimalist lines be gone. Curved designs, on the other hand, will continue to rise in popularity through 2022, and is the perfect way to bring a soft, fresh element into your home for spring.

Earthy floral patterns

This spring, we’ll see a lot of bright colors in our homes. To balance out earthy tones, opt for Pantone’s color of the year, periwinkle Very Peri, as well as violet shades, RAF blue and forest greens.

“Geometric patterns and floral designs are also making a comeback. If the kitsch wallpaper of the ’60s and ’70s isn’t quite to your taste, you can try adding smaller, but statement artworks to add that floral, springtime flare,” SINGULART recommends.

Figurative and fresh

In terms of design and art trends, art collectors are looking for human connection through figurative works of art as we enter the post-COVID era.

“Furthermore, artists such as Sophie Tea are showing us the trend of normalizing and celebrating bodies, with demand for the figurative designs rising in art,” says SINGULART.

Bring the outside in

Thanks to the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, many people are opting for travel and abundance this spring. So let your worldly intentions guide your interior decorating vision. It’s a great way to get you excited for the upcoming summer months and to create a visual connection with nature.

“Displaying artworks and design pieces from different countries can create an adventurous atmosphere in your home,” according to SINGULART.

“Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” ‘70s vibes

Although the mid-century modern style that has dominated the design scene for the past few years isn’t going away, this spring it’s likely that this style will be reinvented with a ’70s twist.

“In true ’70s style, earth tones are on the rise, with chocolate browns, umbers, ochres and oranges being the colors of choice this year, and although they’re on the darker side, paired with the right lighter accents these colors are the perfect match for spring interiors,” SINGULART recommends.


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