Atlanta ER doctor goes viral after creating mini living room for dogs

TikTok user @worldsbestdogdad has his name for a reason

Atlanta ER doctor decks out mini living room for dogs.Ben Mazer has transformed a room in his home into a mini living room for his dogs.Dachshunds Peaches, Challah and Mitzi live in luxury with couches and custom furniture.There's even a fish tank.Mazer has also decorated for the holidays

Sometimes, dogs seem to live better than us. And a TikTok user’s viral dog designs show why.

Ben Mazer is an emergency room doctor, but in his downtime, he’s built an eye-catching living room for his dogs.

Dachshunds Peaches, Challah and Mitzi relax in their own miniature living room. It’s outfitted with artwork, a mini bar cart and a fish tank.

Some of the furniture takes inspiration from Mazer’s own living room, including the side table.

While the dog couches were purchased from Wayfair, the other pieces were custom.

“Pretty much everything else I either made myself or repurposed from human things that I found at various stores,” Mazer explained in a video. “For example, the coffee table is actually just a large salad bowl with a plate on top.”

The dogs even get to enjoy holidays, as Mazer decorated for Halloween, added a menorah for Hanukkah and hung Christmas stockings over the fireplace.

Mazer’s mini dog living room has led humans to be in awe and a little envious of his setup.

“I could’ve been reincarnated as this guy’s dog but instead I’m paying rent and taxes,” one TikTok user said.

“Bro, your dogs are living better than 80 percent of adults,” someone else said.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time,” another person said.