Leo and Jane Carlton built their Fulton County home in 1955, and they’ve lived there ever since, raising a family and changing their home to grow and adapt as they did. Leo owned Carlton Craft contractors, so he headed up the project.

“We just love it,” said Jane. “We have enough room for our children to come back now.”

In 1982 the couple decided to renovate their home, adding a den, kitchen, laundry room and owner’s suite. Again Leo did much of the work himself, making their kitchen cabinets and built-in bookshelves.

“He’s handy to have around,” said Jane.

The home is filled with pieces that Leo made himself, like the hand-tooled walnut grandfather clock that sits in the entryway, the butler’s tray tables and built-in bookshelves. The house holds stories from over 60 years of the Carlton family.

“It is an expression of family unity,” said Leo.

The neighborhood was just being developed when the Carltons moved there in 1955, and of the original families that settled there, Jane and Leo are the only ones who still live in their home. The space is home in more ways than one, because Jane and Leo both were born and raised within a mile of their house.

“It was just an amazing place to grow up,” said Leo and Jane’s daughter, Cindy Corona, “and it’s still a special place.”


Residents: Leo and Jane Carlton. Leo is the retired owner of Carlton Craft, and Jane is a retired interior decorator.

Location: Fulton County

Size: 3,360 square feet with three bedrooms, one office and two baths

Year built: 1955

Renovations: In 1982 the couple made an addition to the back of their home, creating a larger kitchen, den, laundry room and owner’s suite.

Builder: Lummus Construction LLC

Project consultants: Architect Hansell Enloe, Carlton Craft, Jerry Mallard Painting

Architectural style: Ranch

Favorite architectural elements: Open concept den and kitchen and natural light from large windows.

Interior design style: Traditional

Favorite interior design elements: Pieces made by Leo Carlton and inherited from family.

Favorite outdoor elements: Screened in porch with fire pit.

Resources: Furniture and decor from Ballard Designs, Tidwell Furniture and Decor, Scott Antique Markets, Willett Furniture Company, Magnolia Home, Lewis and Sheron Textiles, White Rabbit Cottage and made by Carlton Craft. Lighting by Progressive Lighting and Hillstreet Warehouse.


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