Killer Mike releases new single, announces first solo album in 10 years

Killer Mike’s upcoming album ‘Michael’ is coming June 16

The rapper and activist was born Apr. 20, 1975 in Atlanta. He's collaborated with Jay Z, T.I. and more. In 2002, he won a Grammy with Outkast for "The Whole World." He has 5 albums and has appeared in many films and TV shows. His activism focuses on social equality, police brutality and racism.

In celebration of his birthday, Atlanta rapper Michael Render, better known as Killer Mike, released a new single on Thursday. Featuring EL-P and Thank You Good Sir, “Don’t Let the Devil” is a single off of Render’s upcoming album “Michael” — the Atlanta rapper’s first solo record since 2012.

“‘Michael’ marks the celebrated MCs first solo project since 2012′s critically lauded R.A.P. Music and serves as an introduction to the totality of Michael Render, a lifelong rap fiend whose consciousness is seeped in the sounds of community that raised him - multiple eras of southern rap flows, Sunday church service, and barbershop discourse,” Render’s official website said.

Comparing his upcoming solo work to his experience with Run The Jewels, Render said “RTJ is the X-Men, this is my ‘Logan.’”

Killer Mike made an appearance at the recent SXSW to perform an intimate show, where he previewed several new songs from the upcoming album. Render also presented the album in his own words at a private listening event in New York for a couple hundred attendees at Brooklyn’s St. Ann’s & the Holy Trinity Church.

Last month, Run The Jewels announced their 10th anniversary tour. The duo will play 16 dates across four cities. Fans can see the duo live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. “Michael” is set to be released June 16.

When not working on his record, Render has been busy in other ways. He released two singles last year, “Run” (ft. Young Thug) and “Talk’n That Sh-t!” Render also has a show on PBS, “Love and Respect with Killer Mike,” and a show on Netflix, “Trigger Warning with Killer Mike.”

Most recently, Killer Mike made a cameo in the FX comedy “Dave,”which is based on the life of rapper Lil Dicky.