Georgia’s best pie shop is 3 hours from Atlanta, ranking says

Facts about pies

It’s the holidays, so there’s no better time to begin thinking of the best place to get pie than now.

The flaky pastries come in all different kinds of flavors — from sweet ones like apple, or tart ones such as key lime, to savory meat pies.

Health and wellness website 24/7 Tempo has determined the best places to get all the types of pie your heart desires. Using the highest-rated bakeries, pastry shops and pie stores from Yelp, the site selected the highest-ranked pies.

Also factored in was whether the locations are especially well-known for their pies, even if they sell other foods.

The final choices were made by consulting a collection of roundups from authoritative websites including those on Eater, Thrillist, Food & Wine, The Daily Meal and Zagat.

“Some of these places may offer savory as well as sweet pies. Some hew closely to tradition, while others get creative,” 24/7 Tempo said. Whatever the particulars, all the establishments included here make extraordinary pies, and many rank among the 40 best pie shops in America.”

Georgia’s best pie shop was determined to be The Little Crown by Pie Society. The Savannah pub has a 4.5 Yelp rating and steak and ale pie was plucked as a sample specialty for 24/7 Tempo’s list.

“I got a steak and ale pie, which was rich and delicious,” one reviewer wrote on TripAdvisor. “My wife got a turkey, cranberry, and stuffing pie which, whilst a bit heavy on the thyme, was also very good. The crust was rich and flaky and just the right thickness.”

While the city’s smallest pub offers sweet pies, many praise the savory meat pies. According to Yelp, the steak and ale pie is among the British pie house’s most popular dishes. Other favorites include the chicken pot pie, pork and apple pie and the Cornish pasty.

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