Celebrate Pi Day with the most popular pie in Georgia, according to TasteAtlas

Pi Day is Saturday, March 14, and the celebration of the mathematical constant π is usually marked by eating — you guessed it — pie.

It can be of the sweet or savory variety, with pizza included. But for a recent ranking from TasteAtlas, it was decided that a sweet incarnation of pie was a favorite among Georgians.

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The Croatia-based project has a mission that includes cataloging dishes and ingredients from around the globe, according to a description on TasteAtlas' official Facebook page. The project contains nearly 20,000 traditional dishes and restaurants combined, and more than 4,000 local ingredients, which a team of more than 40,000 food experts compiled. The project also welcomes people to contribute new food.

For a recent ranking of the 10 most popular pies in North America, the United States' East Coast took the cake when it comes to options.

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There was no shortage of choices. Maine had blueberry pie at No. 9, while Florida had key lime pie at No. 4. But in Georgia, which landed at No. 10, peanut butter pie won out.

“Peanut butter pie is a traditional American pie hailing from Georgia. This sweet and salty pie consists of a crumbly pie crust that's filled with gooey peanut butter and chunks of roasted and salted peanuts,” a description of the dessert reads. “If desired, the peanuts can also be added to the crust. Once done, this nutritious pie is typically served with a dollop of whipped cream on top.”

10 most popular pies in North America

  1. Apple pie — United States, North America
  2. Pumpkin pie — North America
  3. Pot pie — United States, North America (and England in Europe)
  4. Key lime pie — Florida, United States
  5. Pecan pie — Southern U.S., United States
  6. Cream pie — United States, North America
  7. Sweet potato pie —  Southern U.S., United States
  8. Sugar pie — Quebec, Canada
  9. Blueberry pie — Maine, United States
  10. Peanut butter pie — Georgia, United States