It may be hard to think about being cozied up by a fireplace right now with the summer heat on full blast. However, with fall and winter on the horizon, you may be thinking about ways to add some extra coziness to your home — especially with the uncertainty of what the upcoming seasons will look like with the ongoing pandemic.

Like most other assets at home, fireplaces are not one size fits all: You’ve got some options. Which is why we went through the archives of the variety of fireplaces that have been featured in Private Quarters through the years.

Take a peek at the designs, ranging in style and functionality. And, if you’re thinking about how to bring this added touch to your home or if it’s on your “must have” list for your next place, let’s take a look at some of the varieties.

“A fireplace is a nice added value to a home,” Jennifer Crosby of the Crosby Design Group previously told the AJC. “We’ve seen them in the keeping room adjacent to the kitchen and the formal great rooms, of course. People also put them in master bedroom sitting areas, finished basements and on the covered or screen porch. We’ve even had some dual fireplaces in the master bath that go through to the bedroom.”

But, regardless of where it is in your home, adding a fireplace — either during a new home construction or as part of a remodel — comes with some things to consider. The size of the fireplace plays a significant role in determining the cost of the fireplace. The larger the width, height and depth, the more expensive the fireplace will be.

Of course, homeowners also need to consider the type of fireplace. Wood-burning and gas logs are the two most common options, with gas being the more popular with homeowners.

“It’s really an ongoing discussion,” Crosby told the AJC. “Most people agree that there’s no a replacement for a beautiful log fire, but in the market, gas dominates.”

Buyers who opt for a traditional fireplace also have their pick of various finishes, including which materials will surround the firebox and what sort of mantel will top it off.

But for folks who rent, or are not interested in a major home renovation, there is another option as well, that’s also a bit more summer friendly: outdoor fire pits. These too come in both gas and wood-burning varieties. There’s your standard bonfire pit for a backyard gathering, but there are also gas outdoor fire tables, which come in various sizes and price points.