Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who are nurses

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If your dad’s a nurse, you can be proud that he gives so much at work. Want to give back to him this Father’s Day? These gift ideas for dads who are nurses are just the right mix of practical and fun, budget-friendly and lavish.

Some of the gifts are appropriate for mom nurses, too, or any gift-giving occasion that involves members of the profession. And all are tried-and-true suggestions from nurses. So when dad says, “You shouldn’t have,” he won’t mean it.

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Here are seven Father’s Day gift ideas for nurses:

Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

If this is your year to make a lavish Father’s Day gesture, a new model fitbit is a great choice, according to registered nurse Thomas Uzuegbunem in Nurse Money Talk. It tracks heart rate, daily steps and calories burned, for a gentle nudge for dad to tend to his own health, not just other people’s.

But a model like the Versa 3 is particularly appropriate for nurses because it has built-in Alexa and “allows the user to answer phone calls and texts and listen to music, eliminating the need to carry around a cellphone while at work,” Uzuegbunem explained. “And the watch face has a large display that’s easy to read, even in the darkest conditions.”

And if forgetting to recharge electronics are an issue for dad, this smartwatch features a battery that lasts six days.

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A book about puzzling medical cases

If dad never seems to want to leave the job behind, work with that. Give him a book recommended for nurses by Nurse Journal, “Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis.” Written by Lisa Sanders, who pens the New York Times column Diagnosis, it delves into a collection of intriguing case studies and how the medical profession cracked each case.

It comes in Kindle and audiobook versions, too, for the break room or for dad to listen to during his commute. To make the gift extra special, schedule an afternoon for dad to read with no distractions as part of this gift.

Josh Bach heartbeat pattern EKG silk necktie

You say dad expects a tie for Father’s Day? This will meet and exceed expectations. The pattern is subtle, but it’s definitely an EKG readout. So it can be an inside joke or a conversation starter, depending on the mood.

This tie is appropriate for dads who are snappy dressers, too, since it’s made of silk and hand finished in New York City.

Josh Bach heartbeat pattern EKG silk necktie
Josh Bach heartbeat pattern EKG silk necktie

Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Beard grooming and trimming kit

Nurse Money Talk’s Uzuegbunem also recommended this product, noting “a professional appearance is a must for any nurse.”

One choice is a kit from the Rapid Beard Store that includes barber scissors, a beard brush and comb, unscented conditioner and mustache balm butter wax. If your favorite fatherly nurse is eco-friendly, be sure to emphasize that the balm and oil are organic.

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Compression socks

According to Nurse Journal, compression socks would make a great gift for any nurse, any time. If you’re not familiar with the science, they’re designed to counter the swelling that occurs when people work on their feet all day.

Dovava Dri-tech compression crew socks
Dovava Dri-tech compression crew socks

Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Dovava Dri-tech compression crew socks are one possibility. They look just like typical athletic socks, but have anti-blister and circulation-boosting properties. Also, they come in packs of four, so your pops won’t have to hunt for a clean pair nearly as often.

I am a dad and a nurse coffee mug

The message on this 11-ounce ceramic coffee mug rings true: “I am a Dad and a Nurse Nothing Scares Me.” The kids could gift this mug, and so could thoughtful co-workers who admire a dad on their shift.


Proof of vaccination

If your budget is tight or dad always says, “Ah, don’t spend your money on me!” you still have this option.

RN Roxana Chicas, a postdoctoral fellow at the Emory University School of Medicine, suggested this gift for any nurse who’s a parent of adult children for any occasion in 2021. “I would love to receive a copy of my family members’ COVID-19 vaccine card showing they got the shot!” she said.

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