Check out this incredible ‘Stranger things’ Halloween display

One family seems to be winning spooky season already … even if the cops were called

It’s time for Halloween lovers to decorate the insides and outsides of their homes with their most beloved — and scary — creatures. Well, in Plainfield, Illinois, the Appel family took it to another level.

Their holiday display, which includes light and sound, is a recreation of one of the most terrifying and heart breaking moments of the Netflix hit show “Stranger Things.” And while the floating Max Mayfield is certainly impressive, one neighbor wasn’t so happy about the viral display.

That neighbor called the cops on the floating figure, forcing the Appel family to shut down their display. The neighbor complained that people were parking their cars in their driveway and walking through their lawn to get to the Appel home.

“It’s upsetting, to be told, like, ‘We support you. We’re behind you. We understand why you’re doing this,’ and to have that blow up in your face,” Aubrey Appeal said to KCRA.

The police conducted an investigation and quickly said the display doesn’t violate any local ordinances. Officers advised that onlookers should be mindful of the neighborhood and respectful to other peoples’ property.

Despite the clearance from the police and city officials, the Appels decided to take down the display because of how their neighbor felt.

However fans on social media flooded their timeline with tons of support — ultimately leading the family to reinstall the decorations. The Appels will keep the display as long as the winds remain calm.

For a dose of “Stranger Things” closer to home, check out the “Stranger Things: The Experience” at Pullman Yards.

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