9 inspiring New Year’s resolution quotes that will be your 2021 motivation

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New Year's Traditions From Around the World. Ecuador. Ecuadorians burn away past bad luck and scare away future bad luck by burning a paper- stuffed scarecrow outside of their homes. Spain. For each of the final 12 seconds of the year, reveling Spaniards will gobble down one grape for good luck in every month of the new year. Denmark. Danes ring in the New Year by breaking old dishes on the doorsteps of friends and family. Chile. Chileans include their lost loved ones in their New Year's celebrations by visiting cemeteries and setting up chairs next to their graves. Greece. New Year's in Greece looks more like Christmas in other parts of the world, complete with the Greek Santa Claus, gifts exchange and caroling. Central and South America. The color of a person's New Year's underwear in this region of the world is thought to increase fortune or even bring more love and happiness

“Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?”

Perhaps you've been asked this question one too many times in the past few weeks, and you've just laughed nervously and changed the subject. Or perhaps you're one of the more optimistic types who has a full list, including a game plan on how you're going to stick to them.

Either way, when reality sets in, we all know that New Year's resolutions are often made just to be broken within the first few weeks or months of the new year. In fact, a 2015 report by U.S. News & World Report says some 80% of resolution makers go back on their commitments by the second week of February.

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It's no surprise then, that New Year's resolutions can actually make some people depressed, according to Psychology Today. Studies have shown that those who fail at keeping their commitments to themselves "experience lowered self-esteem, sadness and depression."

As we enter a new year, with new goals in mind, we should feel optimistic, not depressed. Whether or not we keep all our resolutions shouldn't affect our self-esteem.

So, when you're feeling down about slipping up or thinking to just forego resolutions all together, the following quotes will help keep you going.

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1. Let go of the past.

2. It's never too late to try something different.

3. Embrace change and try new things.

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4. Don't miss the moment.

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5. You got this.

6. Step into a new you.


7. Accept your mistakes and move forward.

8. Believe in yourself.

9. Remember, 2020 is a clean slate.