5 easy ways to soundproof your home office

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How to Soundproof Your Home Office for Better Productivity

How to make working from home work better for you

Those of us fortunate enough to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic probably never thought we’d still be doing so for most of the year.

A quiet place for meetings and to block out distractions might be necessary to make working from home work better for us.

Lucky for us, Bob Vila — “the most trusted name in home improvement, home renovation, home repair and DIY” — has easy ways to soundproof a home office and give us the peace and quiet we need.

Change your door

Most homes are built with hollow interior doors because it’s more cost-effective. But these doors allow sound to pass right through them. “If you have a hollow-core office door, consider swapping it for a solid wood door that will provide a better sound-absorbing barrier to block noise that originates on the other side,” Vila suggests. You can find solid interior doors at Home Depot and Lowe’s for less than $200.

Add another layer of soundproofing by eliminating the spaces around the door. Adding weatherstripping around the sides and a door sweep along the bottom will further ensure less sound comes in or goes out of your office.

Seal any holes

Now that your door is sealed, it’s time to close the gaps found around outlets or ducts. Sealing the holes with an all-purpose caulk can reduce how much sound travels from one room to another.

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Soften your decor

If you have wood or tile floors, Vila suggests adding a rug or two. Soft fabrics will absorb sound, so consider bringing in an upholstered chair if there’s room, and adding some throw pillows. Another easy fix is hanging blankets or quilts on the walls.

Acoustic panels

If the blankets or quilts aren’t enough, apply acoustic panels to your walls. These panels range from basic black foam to colors and patterns that can update your room.


Credit: Amazon.com

Credit: Amazon.com

White noise

If you’re still distracted by outside souinds, a white noise machine might help. By continuously emitting a soothing sound, such as wind or water, the machine can help you block the distractions. A white noise machine can cost anywhere from $20 to $120, depending on the type you buy.

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