5 basic exterior home DIY projects that will boost your home’s value

Increase your home's value with these DIY exterior projects.Boosting your home's curb appeal doesn't have to be costly.Here are 3 ways you can do so without breaking the bank.Paint your front door.Clean your gutters.Trim the bushes, trees and shrubs

Interior design may get most of the glory, but you should still think about what the exterior of your home says to others.

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, curb appeal can help it sell. So why not give your home a refresh on the outside?

Financial website Investopedia has some budget-friendly options for you to take your home’s exterior to the next level.

“And if you’re not quite ready to put your home on the market, you can enjoy having a more beautiful place to live,” it said.

Get a new front door mat

This is likely the easiest DIY on the list. A visit to your local home furnishing store could offer a bright new doormat that’s full of personality. Online retailers also offer outdoor doormats. Or, you can make your own using these tips from Simply Self Storage’s blog.

Replace the front door

Investopedia reported a fundamental steel front door costs around $100 and doubling or tripling that cost, which would still put you at under $500, would mean you could give your home more character and boost its value.

Front doors with sidelights or double front doors will cost more according to HomeGuide, with prices as much as $4,500 on average. Still, you can always opt to give your front door a new paint job if your budget doesn’t allow for a new installation.

Clean your gutters

Having good gutters won’t necessarily increase the worth of your home, but they’ll attract buyers, according to HomeLight.

“People don’t just normally install gutters for the aesthetics of the gutters,” Edmond “Buddy” Eslava, an appraiser with the Appraisal Consultant Group in Mobile, Alabama, told the real estate referral company. “If you needed them and didn’t have them, it would detract value. But having them won’t add value.”

Follow these steps from Family Handyman to get started.

Power wash the exterior

No matter the type of exterior you have, you can give it a facelift through power washing.

Lowe’s has some tips on how you can do so safely and as well as specific methods for cleaning brick and motor, siding and stucco.

Give the landscaping a boost

A simple way to up your home’s curb appeal is to address the landscaping.

Flowers placed out front or simply cutting back the bushes can enhance, rather than hide your home, according to HGTV. Rose bushes are a good option to improve your front yard and according to Country Living, they’re easy to care for and grow well in the majority of the U.S.