4 places to celebrate International Waffle Day in metro Atlanta

7 Amazing Facts About Waffles August 24 is National Waffle Day! 1. Waffles have been eaten since the 14th century. 2. Nike's first pair of sneakers, Waffle Trainers, were made using a real waffle iron. 3. "Waffle" descends from the Dutch word for "wafer." 4. The world's biggest waffle was 8 feet long and weighed 110 pounds. 5. Thomas Jefferson brought the first waffle iron to America. 6. The record for most waffles eaten in 10 minutes is 29 waffles. 7. Belgium waffles were originally called Brussels wa

March 25 observance began in Sweden

March 25 is International Waffle Day. This observance began in Sweden, when people confused “varfrudagen,” which celebrates the annunciation, (when the angel Gabriel told Mary she would be the mother of Jesus) with “vaffeldagen,” which means Waffle Day. The world has joined in the fun, and you can, too.

Do you own a waffle iron? Here are nine waffle recipes you can make at home (can you say, "Waffles for dinner"?).

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Don't own a waffle iron? Don't fret. Foursquare lists Atlanta as the No. 2 city to get waffles, and suggests 13 places you should check out.

Here are a few favorites:

Bantam+Biddy: With four Atlanta locations, you aren't far from a Bantam+Biddy. Have a waffle by itself, or top it with chicken tenders.

Nana G's: Try the "The Papa Gs," a bacon-infused Belgian waffle with seasoned fried chicken strips.

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<p>Chicken and waffles at South City Kitchen.</p>
<p>Chicken and waffles at South City Kitchen.</p>

Credit: Courtesy of South City Kitchen

Credit: Courtesy of South City Kitchen

South City Kitchen: You can get your malted buttermilk waffles with or without chicken, and topped with Vermont maple syrup.

Waffle House: You can find one on every corner, and for good reason. Top your waffle with chocolate chips, strawberries, blueberries or peanut butter.

If circumstances prevent you from enjoying delicious griddled batter today, don't fret.

August 24 is National Waffle Day, commemorating the date in 1869 when Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York, patented the stove-top waffle iron.