You can’t always let the sunshine in — it will set every day, after all — but that doesn’t mean your home can’t be bright.

You’ve likely been spending a lot more time inside because of the coronavirus pandemic and are looking for ways to update your space. One easy way is to change the lighting.

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Trends in lighting vary by designer, but here are three trends to check out:

Color and pattern

“Colour and pattern can be such vital elements in both our lives and our homes,” Matthew Williamson, who has collaborated with Pooky on vividly colored lighting, told Homes & Gardens. “They can speak to us at aesthetic and emotional levels, elevating our homes, infiltrating through the walls, the furnishings, and of course, through accessories like lampshades.”

He continued: “Especially now we’re all spending much more time at home, people want to inject color and vitality into their spaces, while keeping classic silhouettes and timelessness in mind to ensure their purchases last a lifetime as their interiors change.”

Lamp and shade both by Pooky
Lamp and shade both by Pooky

Credit: Matthew Williamson at Pooky

Credit: Matthew Williamson at Pooky

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Geometric shapes

Group spherical fixtures into clusters, or consider honeycomb compositions. Lampshades come in cone and cubic and polyhedral shapes, and chandeliers are more than just circular.

This honeycomb chandelier from Maxim costs $636 on

Honeycomb Metal Hexagon LED Pendant Ceiling Light
Honeycomb Metal Hexagon LED Pendant Ceiling Light

Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

This square pendant lamp is perfect for the kitchen, living room, foyer, hallway, dining room and bedroom. It sells for $75 on Etsy.

Credit: Etsy

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Lava lamps

“Lava lamps are making a comeback,” Valentina Gori, from Smart Lighting Industries, told Homes & Gardens. “With 17.7k Instagram hashtags and searches for them increasing by 56% in the past month.”

“We are seeing more stripped back interiors,’ she added, “with coloured lighting bringing a new dimension to the room. What we love about this is that depending on what the rest of the room is like, coloured lighting creates totally new shades and moods.”

Consider grouping lava lamps of varying lights and colors, or lighting a staircase by placing a lamp on each step.

You can choose a traditional shape for as little as $20, like this one, or up your game with this modern lava lamp with a wood base, which sells for $280 on Etsy.

With all the styles available, it’s easy to choose a lighting option that fits your style and personality.

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