3 items you can skip buying to get fit this year

A New Year’s resolution to get in shape doesn’t have to mean buying tons of equipment

Every year, you vow to get in shape. And every year, you buy lots of fitness apparel and equipment to help you reach your goal.

But what if some of those items are unnecessary for you to lose weight and boost your health?

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CNET has outlined several items it says “you absolutely don’t need to get fit or healthy in 2021.” While you should consult a health care provider for anything related to health and fitness, here are a few items you may be able to skip buying.

Gym equipment — high tech or otherwise — isn’t necessary

If 2020 taught you anything, it was likely that not going to the gym and using fancy equipment didn’t mean you couldn’t get fit. There are plenty of at-home workout options available, many of which require no equipment. And although gyms have since reopened, Orangetheory continues to post free workouts online.

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There’s no need for the latest athletic apparel

Retailers may be filled with workout clothes and activewear at this time of the year, but you don’t need to spend a pretty penny on them. A cotton T-shirt is durable and breathable, although it won’t wick away moisture. In that case, search for inexpensive clothing made of nylon and polyester, which will keep moisture at bay and will dry swiftly.

You can forgo purchasing a smart water bottle

An Amazon search will reveal dozens of smart water bottle options that track your water intake, but it may not be worth the investment.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule about how much water you need to drink to remain hydrated. A Consumer Reports story about how to stay hydrated noted that the appropriate quantity to drink “can vary a good bit from person to person.”

HealthLinkBC, a government-funded telehealth service in Canada, said the best way to know you’re drinking enough water is to pay attention to the color of your urine: a clear or pale yellow means you’re drinking enough while a darker yellow means you need to hydrate more.

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