John Lewis’ family: He was one of 10 children and spent his childhood in Troy, Ala.

Congressman John Lewis, who died July 17, is survived by his son, John-Miles Lewis, six siblings and about 30 nieces and nephews.

His wife of 44 years, Lillian Miles Lewis, who was also a close adviser throughout his political career, died in 2012.

Members of Lewis’ family were scheduled to speak at a Saturday, July 25 service in at Troy University. This was the first in a six-day celebration of Lewis’ life and legacy, with events planned in Selma and Montgomery, Ala., Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

His parents, Eddie and Willie Mae Lewis, called “Mul” by family, had 10 children spread across 19 years, according to a profile by the AJC’s Tia Mitchell and Ernie Suggs. The children were: Ora. Edward. John. Adolph. William. Ethel. Freddie. Samuel. Henry. Rosa.

His youngest brother Henry Grant Lewis spoke on behalf of the Lewis family this week, thanking the nation and the world for the outpouring of tributes and condolences for John Lewis.

He fought until the very end,” said Henry Grant Lewis. “That was my big brother. He was a fighter with a tenacious spirit. But he was always gracious and kindhearted. A great man and public servant. And even greater father, husband, brother and son.”