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The ultimate guide to dining in Savannah

Savannah’s food scene long reflected how the city was perceived by outsiders: quintessentially Southern, drizzled with antebellum charm — and plenty of butter, shrimp and grits.


As Savannah has evolved in recent decades from a sleepy coastal Georgia secret into a cosmopolitan city, the dining scene has broadened. Local Epicurean Michael Owens boasted that Savannah has redefined “Southern food” to include a wide variety of culinary experiences, without falling back on whatever is trending on social media.


“Savannah food is best defined by how undefinable it is,” said Owens, an organizer of the now defunct Savannah Food and Wine Festival. “That’s kind of the point.”


As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s inaugural guide to dining in Savannah illustrates, the city’s eateries offer something for every taste and budget. Our list of must-visit restaurants, don’t-miss dishes, top drink spots and food souvenirs to bring back home introduces you to local institutions, new places that have changed dining habits, hole-in-the-wall haunts and out-of-the-way favorites.


Enjoy! And whether you are a Savannahian who is curious about that restaurant you frequently pass but never have tried, or a future visitor to the city, please leave your preconceived notions about Savannah food at the hostess stand.


Meet our team of writers and photographers

  • Adriana Iris Boatwright
    Adriana Iris Boatwright is a Savannah-based writer and photographer. She is the content editor of La Voz Latina Savannah and a freelance entertainment photojournalist for the Savannah Morning News. Her photography also has appeared in Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, The New York Times and the New York Post.

  • Bill Dawers
    Bill Dawers is a freelancer who has written the City Talk column for the Savannah Morning News since 2000. A native of Frankfort, Kentucky, he lived in St. Louis and Philadelphia before moving nearly 30 years ago to Savannah to enjoy the city’s quirks, charms and beauty. He also teaches at Georgia Southern University.

  • Ligaya Figueras
    Ligaya Figueras is The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s senior editor for food and dining. She oversees food and dining coverage, including its regional expansion across the Southeast. In addition, she is the AJC’s lead dining critic and a regular contributor to the weekly “Hot Spots” dining segment on WAOK 1380 AM. Prior to joining the AJC in 2015, she was the executive editor of Sauce, a St. Louis-based culinary magazine.

  • Rosana Lucia
    Rosana Lucia is a Venezuelan American filmmaker and photographer based in Savannah. She serves as the brand development coordinator at Engel Entertainment, an Emmy award-winning production company, where her creative expertise merges with strategic vision.

  • Martha Giddens Nesbit
    Martha Giddens Nesbit has been writing about food in Savannah for nearly 50 years. She has been the food editor, restaurant reviewer and a freelancer for the Savannah Morning News and a food columnist for Savannah Magazine. She is the author of four cookbooks. Semi-retired, she continues to dine out regularly with a group of women who call themselves the Diners’ Club.

  • Adam Van Brimmer
    Adam Van Brimmer is the AJC’s Savannah-based reporter and a resident of the city since 1999. He covers coastal Georgia and reports on politics, business, government, arts, sports and the food scene. Prior to joining the AJC in 2023, he was an editor at the Savannah Morning News.

  • Martina Yvette
    Martina Yvette is a food and culture freelance writer in Savannah. She writes the Dine and Dash column in the Savannah Morning News and is the host of a TV show about food that bears the same name.