8 Ga. restaurants where your meal is free (if you can eat it all)


There are few things better than a free meal. We're not saying it will be easy, but check out these 9 Georgia restaurants where your meal is actually free if you finish it all up.

1. The Brett's Beast Burger Challenge - 3190 Atlanta Hwy #11, Athens

Price: $40

You've got one hour to devour a huge 6-pound patty with several toppings served between a giant bun. If you win, not only is your meal free, but you're officially a member of Brett's Casual American's Wall of Fame.

2. The Cannon Brew Pub's Turning Blue Burger Challenge, 1041 Broadway Rd, Columbus

Price: $30

30 minutes to devour three burger patties, three slices of cheese, eight strips of bacon – all served with chili cheese fries. If you win, you go home as a newly inducted member of  The Cannon Brew Pub's Wall of Fame, with a free t-shirt and of course, a free meal.

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3. Bearfoot Tavern's Bear Mace Wing Challenge, 401 Cherry St, Macon

Price: $10

Here's the challenge: Gobble up 12 wings in 15 minutes. If you think that sounds pretty easy, you should know that eating these wings has been described like feeling like you're actually being maced. If you survive, you get to go home with a free meal, hat and beer and you're automatically inducted into Bearfoot Tavern's Wall of Fame.

4. B&D's Bring it on Burger Challenge, 13 E Broughton St, Savannah

Price: $35

You have 35 minutes to eat up three 1-pound patties with veggies and a pound of fries if you want to go home with your picture on B&D Burgers Bar & Grill's Wall of Fame, a free t-shirt and of course, your meal paid for.

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5. The Square Pub's T-Rex Burger Challenge, 115 Sycamore St, Decatur

Price: $30

All you need to do is eat a stacked burger with three layers of beef (and toppings) served with cheesy tater tots. If you can do this in under 30 minutes, your meal is on the house at The Square Pub and you're now a newly inducted member of the restaurant's Wall of Fame.

6. Big Pie in the Sky's 30-inch Carnivore Pizza Challenge, 2090 Baker Rd A-103, Kennesaw

Price: $50

Don't worry, you don't have to devour this 30-inch gigantic pizza all by yourself. You can bring a friend to help. The pizza weighs 11 pounds and is loaded with meat toppings. If you and your friend win, not only is your meal free and your picture on Big Pie in the Sky's Wall of Fame, you win a whopping $250 cash prize to share.

7. The So Ba Pho King Challenge, 560 Gresham Ave, Atlanta

Price: $25

Eat two pounds of meat, another two pounds of noodles and yet another two pounds of broth with vegetables in under one hour and you get a paid meal, free t-shirt, picture on So Ba Vietnamese Restaurant's Wall of Fame and a $100 gift card.

8. The 2' Big Easy Grille "Not So Easy" Sandwich Challenge, 1193 Collier Rd NE, Atlanta

Price: $65

You have one hour to eat a sandwich two feet long loaded with meats and toppings and three small sides if you want your free meal, a free t-shirt and the pride that goes along with your picture on Big Easy Grille & Bar's Wall of Fame.

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