4 things to know about R. Kelly’s children

In wake of Lifetime series about singer, social media is wondering about his kids

R. Kelly's Estranged Daughter Says He Is a 'Monster' In new Instagram videos, Buku Abi apologized to all the women her father has allegedly hurt. Abi also admits that she hasn't spoken to her father in a long time. Buku Abi, via Instagram Kelly has come under fire since the documentary, "Surviving R. Kelly," was released. The film centers on multiple women who accuse the singer of abuse and pedophilia over the years. Abi is one of her three kids Kelly has with ex-wife Andrea, who also appears in the docu

Since the three-night Lifetime docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly" that delved into the singer's history of alleged physical and emotional abuse of women aired, some viewers have been wondering about Kelly's family, particularly his children.

Here are four things to know about Kelly’s offsprings:

1. How many children does Kelly have?

He has three children with ex-wife Andrea Lee — Joann, Jay and Robert Jr.

2. How old are his children?

Joann, a.k.a. Buku Abi, is 20; Jay is 18 and Robert Jr. is 16.

3. Is one of his kids transgender?

Yes. Jay was born Jaya Kelly, but announced his transition in 2014.

The then-13-year-old explained he had identified as a boy since the age of 6 or 7. "I hated dresses, I liked girls, I didn't want breasts, ... I didn't want long hair, I am a boy,"  he posted, according to News One.

4. What have his kids said about the allegations against their father?

In an Instagram story she says took her three days to write, Abi distanced herself and her family from the singer.

“Before I start I just want it to be known that I am speaking from the heart, nothing I say or do not say is to hurt ANY party reading this or affected by this,” Abi began.

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"Unfortunately, for my own personal reasonings & for all my family has endured in regards to him, his life decisions and his last name, it has been years since my siblings and I have seen or have spoken to him. In regards to my mother, she for the same reasonings and more, has not seen or spoken to my father in years. My mother, siblings and I would never condone, support or be a part of ANYTHING negative he has done and or continues to do in his life," she wrote.

The G-Listed reported Friday that Jay, a singer, songwriter and producer, will release a new album soon that contains a song dissing his father. You can check it out on Jay's Instagram story.


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