Cassie Young, web director for The Bert Show, posted about body-shaming. When she announced her engagement, a physical trainer slid into her DMs. He offered to help Young lose weight for her wedding. When she declined, he persisted and tried to shame her for her weight. Young instead affirmed every person's value, at every weight. "If you are happy and healthy, that's ALL that matters," she wrote on Instagram.

The Bert Show’s Cassie Young enlists Khalid to announce her pregnancy

Couples are always finding new and clever ways to announce their pregnancy to the world, but few have a Grammy Award nominee and Billboard Music Award winner do it for them.

While she was at the Billboard Music Awards recently, Cassie Young of The Bert Show sat down with Khalid to record a spot for the radio show. They also recorded Young’s announcement that she and husband Chad Wood are expecting a baby in the fall.

Young, who is the web director for the show, also posted the news on Twitter and Instagram, in addition to announcing it on the radio Tuesday morning.

Young is no stranger to sharing her life with the public. When she and Wood became engaged in 2017, a trainer messaged her on Twitter with what started as a pitch for his services and devolved into him body-shaming her. 

Young posted the exchange on social media. 

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This guy reached out to me on Twitter with a pitch, and it spiraled into something else. I’m posting this because I want every woman and man to know that it does not MATTER what you look like. (I'm blue. He's gray. Swipe to read.) You are worthy. Love is out there for you. Life is waiting with open arms. It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or fat or between the two or willowy or broad shouldered or peer shaped or like a board or anything in between. You get good stuff in life by being YOU. That's what matters. If you think of life as a “game” with being skinny as how you “win,” this guy is offering to play by the rules and get you there. I’m telling you the game is BOGUS. You don’t need the game. I reject the game. I REFUSE TO PLAY. It’s a fake construct that you can step outside of. Your inner-value and self-worth comes from YOU, not what you look like. Who gives a f**k if you got a few extra pounds. Or ten. Or twenty. Thirty. Whatever. If you are happy and healthy, that’s ALL that matters. Those pounds DO 👏NOT 👏DEFINE 👏YOU 👏OR 👏YOUR 👏WORTH. Don’t let people like this try to convince you otherwise, because they’ll try - but it’s because they don’t understand yet. They’re caught up in the game and can’t see it for what it is. You can. Life is waiting for you. It's too short to be spent worrying about a belly roll. Go be happy and live it to your fullest.

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Although the trainer’s comments became increasingly offensive, the bride-to-be wasn’t deterred, The AJC’s Najja Parker reported.

She reassured the trainer that she loved her body and wasn’t interested in meeting society’s standard beauty.

“I’m sad for you that your self-worth is wrapped up in your appearance. You clearly place a lot of stock in looks, but fail to understand that not everyone wants to be chained to that insecurity,” she said. “You are perpetuating the problem and I refuse to play that game.”

While the exchange was private, Young thought it was important to post, because she wants “every woman and man to know that it does not MATTER what you look like.”

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