See which fan favorite got the boot on 'Dancing With the Stars'

There was another big elimination on “Dancing With the Stars” Monday, and sadly, one big fan favorite had to say goodbye.

"On this sixth week of competition, the couple leaving right now is ... Patti and Artem," said Tom Bergeron on "Dancing With the Stars."

The looks on the faces in the crowd said it all — NOOO! Not Patti LaBelle!

But hey, at least Patti was a good sport about getting the boot.

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"I'm honored to be here as long as I've been, I've learned so much," said LaBelle.

As The Wall Street Journal pointed out, many fans at home were also "hugely disappointed" with the elimination.

But not everyone was too surprised by the cut. BuddyTV said the judges were "being way too nice to Patti" this week with their scores. Ouch.

Still, elimination sadness aside, a writer for TVLine was quick to point out the WTF-ness of the episode's theme: Spring Break.

“I’m struggling to figure out the exact components that made up this week’s Spring Break theme, other than the obvious climb in temperature that we’ve seen since Punxsutawney Phil poked his head out in February and reminded us he’s useless.”

Sorry, Punxsutawney Phil. You win some, you lose some, something Patti LaBelle knows all too well at this point. Womp, womp… (Video via ABC)

This video includes images from Getty Images.