Remembering Leonard Nimoy's 2009 Dragon Con appearance

As recently as 2009, "Star Trek"'s Leonard Nimoy -- who has died at 83, after reportedly being hospitalized for chest pains earlier this week -- was in Atlanta for Dragon Con, alongside "Trek" star William Shatner.

Their repartee then is a reminder of the reputation Nimoy cut for decades as an actor. As the AJC's Rodney Ho described him then: "the exasperated straight man" to Shatner's "over-the-top egotist."

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Reactions to the news of Nimoy's death have already begun to spread. Some are circulating the actor's final tweet, on Feb. 23:

Here are more lines from their 2009 appearance before more than 1,500 fans:

“Have you seen any good movies lately?” Nimoy asked early on, eliciting laughs and applause from the crowd, a reference to the just-launched "Star Trek" reboot.

“You’re in the movie,” Shatner said dryly. “I’m not.”

Nimoy: “I wasn’t referring to any particular movie.”

Shatner: “I heard it’s a very good thing I’m not in the movie.” (boos)

Nimoy: “Send that to [director] J.J. Abrams!”

And when someone asked a question directed at Nimoy, Shatner got all fake offended. “Don’t think about me at all!” he said.

“Please stop pouting,” Nimoy said.

“Don’t think of it as pouting,” Shatner said. He turned his chair around away from the crowd. “I’m just resting!”