Rolling Stones to Donald Trump: You can’t always get what you want

Credit: Morne de Klerk

Credit: Morne de Klerk

The Rolling Stones want Donald Trump to stop playing their songs at campaign events.

In a statement released Wednesday, the rockers said they have not given the presumptive Republican presidential nominee permission to use their songs. The band has "requested that they cease all use immediately."

Trump has used Rolling Stones songs at his rallies for months. His campaign soundtrack includes "You Can't Always Get What You Want." After his big Indiana win on Tuesday, Trump's camp played the Stones classic, "Start Me Up."

Adele, Neil Young, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and the band R.E.M. have asked Trump to stop using their music.

The Associated Press reports political campaigns don't need artists' permission to play their songs at rallies, as long as a blanket music license has been obtained.

Still, there are provisions in some agreements that allow artists to ask for their music to not be used at political events.

For his part, Trump told CNBC that he likes Mick Jagger and "always buys the rights" to use music.