Grammy performance was Eagles' last, Don Henley says

Credit: Larry Busacca

Credit: Larry Busacca

Don Henley has told the BBC that it was very difficult and emotional to perform at the Grammy's last month and "we almost didn't do it."

Henley went on to say he thought "it was an appropriate farewell" and it was likely the last performance for The Eagles. The band had been considering the idea of playing the "Hotel California" album in its entirety sometime soon but, Henley said, "obviously, that's not going to happen."

Jackson Browne sang his friend Glenn Frey's part on "Take it Easy" during the Grammy broadcast February 15. It was fitting for him to do so.

Browne lived in a tiny apartment beneath Glenn Frey's in the 70s. Frey could hear him playing parts of "Take it Easy" over and over again back then. He had said it drove him crazy to hear the repetition, finally offering to help Browne complete it.

Below, see video of that final Eagles performance with Jackson Browne at the Grammy's, shortly after Glenn Frey's death.