Music Midtown playlist: day 2

Music Midtown is just days away, so wristbands have likely arrived in the mail by now and you probably have a good idea of which performances you can't miss. But if you don't already know, here's the full two day lineup, plus performance times.

One final task before the festival arrives: study up. Check out five songs from each of Saturday's 18 performers so you aren't the odd person out when everyone else is singing along.

Headed to Music Midtown on Friday too? We've got you covered with playlist day one.

If you'll be at Music Midtown or just longingly following the fun via social media: follow AJCnews on Snapchat for our view of the music festival. We'll be starting things off with a behind the scenes peek of Piedmont Park's set-up on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.